Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mustache Ride Plus!

Another fine week has passed, and here I sit, watching a movie about someone I was kinda fascinated with growing up, Howard Hughes, the D.B. Cooper of Hollywood.

Wed night polo was fabulous. I have this new stick, which Casey has dubbed "Wonder Boy".
It is made of Filbert wood that grows wild on Ryan's farm in Rickreall. The mallet head is some soft oak I think, and has worn in nicely.

It has developed this crazy bend to it, which makes it better to play with strangely. The Ringer bent it back, and basically said, "Try to play with that!"

I am the only one who really still uses the wood, and I don't have any plans to switch to the pipe.
I plan to spend some time soon searching through the woods for another piece. El Dupe has given me more already, as I break a lot of mallets.

Thursday I hung out at the Polo Haus, and helped work on the yard in preparation for the Saturday Fiasco. I instigated a project for The Ringer and I, and we were off.
Brian had found some bus seats somewhere. They were in great shape, so we proceeded to put legs on a set if them. What fun! Especially when the project gets completed all the way. (Check the front porch sound system. Could sound great but......)

Friday night I stayed home and watched some movies, in preparation for the long Saturday, and the Mustache Ride.

About ten, Beefa called me to go Frisbee golfing with he, Spence, and "The littlest Beefa". Oh and Sandy the dog.
This was something I could not pass up, and rolled out on my bike to meet them.
We, or I, drove us out to Pier Park, where we played 18 holes, with Eric and I tying it up, and Beefa being one stroke back.

I rolled home, and showered and shave before the afternoons festivities.

We met at Col. Summers Park at 4:00, where a rousing game of Bean Bag toss commenced.

I got a point, but to no avail, as Disco got no less than four points for the big win. Much drinking commenced, and eventually we headed off. But not far, 'cause right up Yamhill is Sunnyside School, where the four square commenced.

I don't think they realized what they had done, for we were within smelling distance of the lair of the El Chupa Cowboy. This dreaded creature, upon investigation was strangely downtown getting fitted for a suit. I wish I had been there for that.

Instead I was there to KICK ASS at Four Square.... The final game came down to Pen, Disco, R. Kelly, and I.

We played to like 11 points, and Ryan won. This was followed by him leaving for sandwiches, and yes, hold onto your hats folks, more beer.

We left rather quickly from the school, and rolled over to Laurelhirst Park for a good old fashioned, extreme three legged race.

Disco was my partner, and we royally sucked. I got some video of this event, but it sucks too.

It was about this time that I heard a woman to my right utter the words "We have three kegs of beer, and you guys should help us drink it" .

I told Ryan, who didn't believe me at all. Then it was backed up, and the game was on.
We hung out much longer than the predicted 20 minutes, and were never asked to leave.
This could be looked upon as a red letter event on that note.

Eventually even their beer was gone, and we rolled off. The free beer part of the mustache ride had canceled out everything but the U-lock horseshoes, and I forget who won that, but I do know once again Disco was a contender for the title.

It was off to the Polo Haus, where another keg of beer, and a small pool of wrestling jello waited. Some turntables were hooked up to my spare speakers, and off it went.

Maggie and Brian were the first contenders, jumping right in. They got gross , and rubbed up against virtually everyone when the dancing started.

I have a couple of great shots of Lucky and Will wrestling early also.

Much dancing, and a little yelling as Lucky threw his girlfriend Jennifer in, and she did not like it at all. And I really don't blame her a bit, as you will realize here that I got nowhere near the jello myself. Tom, having a moment...

I did have the great luck to be sitting next to Beefa when Will called him "Queen La Beefa".

Steve looked at me, and said we should kick his ass. and, having my wits about me , realized that I had a golden opportunity on my hands and yelled " Take it to the Jello!!!"

He stood up and started removing clothing, and then Will attacked him.
It was a surprising move, given what a hassle it is to wrestle Beefa at all, let alone antagonize him. It took a few minutes of rolling around, with Will kinda having the upper hand. But then, the mighty Beefa broke from his grasp, and got the upper hand. He wrapped his arms under Will's armpits, locked his fingers around his neck, and pushed him face first into the jello.

Having been fully declared the winner, he finally let go. To my great dismay, a few minutes later I watched them hose each other off in the yard, a image that was simply added to the many other horrible things I saw that day.


Soon after that I headed home, for we were meeting at ten in themorning to go MT. Biking in Scappoose, Oregon. This is private land I think one of the PUMP guys owns, and we like to ride there.

Ryan, Mary Lou, and I were "Rolling Retro" I on my Fat Chance, and he on his Independent Fabrications, and Mary Lou on Lucky's Klein.
Slackjaw was on a newer K2 bike. I thought they made skis and snowboards......

It was a great and tiring day, doing little but very fast loops through the woods.
Mary Lou and I were really charging some sections. He is a great rider, and together, just like when skateboarding, we pushed each other to go faster and faster, dropping Slackjaw and the old guy a lot of the time. But at least Ryan had a excuse, as he had the dog with him.

When the dog got tired, we used this as a good point to drive back into town, and luckily just in time to shower before running off to bike polo.

Having come from mt. biking on the very same bike I play polo on, my game could not have been better. And "Wonder Boy treated me right, guiding me and my Team mates to a couple of scrimmage wins, prepping for the big polo tourney this weekend.

After polo we went back to the house, and I spent some time whipping up some spag sauce, using tomatoes from the garden. I even impressed myself, my own worst critic, with the sauce that night.

I spent some time tonight working on my bikes for the big "West Side Invite" this weekend.

Though I am sure I will have a lot of fun, and maybe even do well in some races, I am really looking forward to the polo tourney. I believe it is my time to shine.

See you there, in the park!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Missed Connections

I saw this Missed Connections posting on Craigslist today.

Being a hopeless romantic myself, I thought it was sweeter than my own Cherry Cobbler (which was pretty damn sweet)

biking on monroe - w4m

mystery boy, you ride past my house on monroe all the time. i usually see you as im sitting on the porch, enjoying summer's glow. everytime you pass by, you have the loveliest and uttermost casual demeanor about you. today you smiled at me and my heart beat like a loud drum.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Polo, oh what a cruel mistress!

A picture like this, while blurry, says so much. I like the clashing of the mallets, while protecting the ball. The speed involved is evident in the blur, as well as the level of commitment, as shown through the angles.

A lot of my thoughts are consumed with bike polo. Well, that and skateboarding. You would think I concentrate on mt biking, flying through the trees.
But no, it is really polo and skating. That is what I think about when I go to bed at night. They are both highly addictive, adrenaline charged, bad for my body things to do. The horrific bruises are just now disappearing from the last time I went skateboarding, and a polo wreck just a week and a half ago left me flying over the handlebars, skidding across the tennis court on my chin.

I need a hypnotist, to get the thoughts of these destructive things out of my mind.
For now, some pics from Sunday polo.

Lucky picking it up.

Lucky again.

Ringer bringing it around.

Dave shoots. This shot definitely went in.


Clusterfuck, with a wreck in the middle.

Ringer about to take on Sharky.

Eric sending it home.

Chakra rocking the skirt at polo.
More Polo.