Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pumpapalooza: The NW Pump Track Championships

I am throwing the NW Pump Track Championships in my backyard on June 12th, 2010.
1417 NW 103rd Circle, The Couv', 98685

Beer from New Belgium, Food and fun, Alleycat races, and neighborhood time trials.
Probable foot down, and possible Bike Polo.

And of course it all ends up with the NW Pump Track Championships......

Party starts at 2PM or when you get there. Track open for practice and fun all day, with the pump racing starting in the
late afternoon.

A group ride to the venue, led by yours truly, will leave Paul Bunyan at N. Denver and N. Interstate, at 1PM.
This meeting point will also have an optional Alleycat Race, which ends at the venue.

Also, some may choose to drive in order to bring a fun bike to ride on the Pump Track.
If you do drive, please park outside of the cul-de-sac, to leave room for random fun.....

In case some of you do not know what a pump track is all about, here is a video of my track being ridden.
The loop was not complete when this video was shot, so it will be a whole other level of fun by the time you get to ride it.
(For some reason the video doesn't look like it is here, but trust me and push the play button. It will work.)