Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rollin' Retro...

I traded for this old school 24. It is what they called a Schwinn super stock cruiser, or pro stock cruiser.

I immediately found some chrome GT cruiser bars at city bikes for 5 bucks. They are 30 inches wide!

They are great for cruising around town with the seat post up, but for riding trails it will be another deal. I do have some sweet gold anodized v bars I may set up with levers and grips to swap out. They will match the gold anodized spyder well.

I saw a set of sealed titanium hubs and spokes, 24"wheels, for sale 180 bucks. They are laced to narrower sun rims. I think the hubs are Nukeproofs. Very fast wheels if you ask me. I didn't buy them of course, but I want them.

This bike really rides well. I was riding it at the skate park this evening, nosing it over some hips, and it floated well even.

The wheelset is the original one. It has some cool red line cranks, but they need to be swapped out for some 3 pieces.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hiatus revisited......

I tend to, in life, disappear in strange ways, in even stranger descernable cycles, from things.

Hence the blog not having a new post since the snow days before Christmas.

But I have done many fun things, and have many fine pics to share.

My computer is almost ready to let me share them.

I need to get a hard drive, dump everything onto it, and reformat back to the old operating system.

I hope to have that handled soon, as it is heavily affecting photo editing possibilities.

For now, I will be posting some unedited.

I have great shots from the Oregon Bike Polo Championships.

Great Rickreal dirt riding footage.

More partying.

Witty commentary. Rambling memories. And more.