Monday, August 25, 2008

Polo Poster

I found this on Fliker......

And then found pics of the actual Tourney itself.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Memories Found

I have been going through my hard drives, looking at the masses of pictures I have taken.
This is another attempt at sharing them with you...
 Take and eat.

Mace out back at the Ash Street Trailer Park.

Nichole and I at Disco and Matty's house.

Balls eye view of Snowlo, minus the snow, New Years Day.


Tattoo shot I took at polo one day.

Mace jumping the fire at the Rickreall open.

R.I.P. Kurt Vonnugut.

Cowboy is always happiest when he is beating someone with a bat.

Part of my hat collection.

A pic from the "Day of the Dead" MT. bike race in Colorado. We are going again this year, and I can't wait!

Me standing on the boat.


Sunset on the Columbia.

Riding to the sailboat. We passed masses of cyclists on the way out. Some people are so slow.

 A nice sunset shot of Spence on his boat. Spence, Disco, Mike and I went out on the river last week. 

Another one.

Cloud shot in Utah on the way back from Colorado. Either Rev. Phil or I took this shot, can't remember which.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Random Pics

 I take a lot of Pictures. An extraordinary amount of them. Many I never look at, I just save them all. I am going to try to go through them more often, and share them here.

The forbidden MT. Biking Mecca, Camp Bonneville. This is basically right outside my door, 3,500 acres of trails through the woods.

Old cemetery by the Family Compound, and right next to Camp Bonneville.
On the way up to Silver Star MT., the highest point in the Couv.

                           Gotta love a messenger Duffle. Bailey Works... 

Screw the Death Trolley (MAX). I'll ride the Hiawatha Line over the MAX anyday..

 Twin Cities looking grand.

 Blurry I know, but a shot of the inside of Cars are Coffins.

 Tres Chic...

 Autumn and I, oh, and beer.


Too many riders?
Stupor Bowl 2008

 Le Mans start with 325 bikes..... Can you say chaotic?
 My friend crashes on a icy bridge on the way to race in the Stupor Bowl, 2008.
I heard the noise, turned around and shot just in time. Sorry it is blurry.

 Autumn on the way to Stupor Bowl.

  Waiting for the start, Stupor Bowl.

Sharky, Westside '07
                                    Accidental shot I kinda like...

 Dr. Doom and John Bailey.

Peanut Gallery, Westside Invite '07

 Footdown, Westside Invite '07, DR. Doom.


Doom again
Me, at  Breakfast on the bridge.


The result of following Brady out into the night...

 So happy...

 This one speaks for itself.

 Flowers, flowers, flowers.

 Nichole pushed El Chupa Cowboy into the pool...

 My favorite swimming hole...... Ask me and I will lead the way there.

Purple flower

 Spence and Sandy on Tom, Dick, and Harry Mt.