Monday, November 03, 2008

Bike Moguls

I was chatting with my friend online, and was trying to explain what a pump track is.

 Once I had gotten it across, which didn't take very long, I sent her a link to a You Tube video.

 She came back and said" Oh, like bike moguls!". 

 And I could do nothing but agree with her on that note.

 So I have regained a slight fascination with the pump track principle. Ryan and I were talking about them some this evening, and I spent some time online watching videos and looking at plans.

 Somewhere I have a pic of a pump track that is very huge, like a big horse corral. I think there must have around a hundred berms. I might be exaggerating,  but when I find it you will be amazed to.

 After working on some jumps and pump sections with Ryan in Rickreall, I will be ready to work on a little one here on the compound if all goes well.

 Of course I would still have to talk  my brother and sister into it. 

 I think the safest thing about the pump track on the compound would be that it is really fun, without really having jumps for the kids to get hurt on. And one could be made in an area smaller than 60' by 30'.

 The future will tell.