Monday, November 20, 2006

Bike Polo Tournament November 19th, 2006 Portland, Oregon

The potatoes and lamb from my lunch was barely settling in as I moved into the house. Just coming back from dinner for my parents and poker at the family compound, I barely had time to turn around and roll out in the pouring rain to the Sprockettes Weekend " Polo Tournament", November 19th, 2006.
I arrived just as it was starting, and had been put on a team with Tall Joe and Tori.The Ringer had rigged up two tarps for cover, both in and outside of the court. Good thing too, 'cause I don't think the rain let up the entire time we were there.
A good crowd of spectators were on hand, kids from Seattle and Vancouver, Dead Babies, and more.
Dee provided a special surprise for all to share, which really got our blood flowing for the wet afternoon ahead.
Having no warm up, but being on a great bike made me feel good as I sat on the line, waiting for them to call it off for our team's (Team Nightmare) first game. Of course I had a good soft buzz, and knew that would help with the inevitable crashes that come with so much water.
That first game really gave us a solid push into the tourney. We were up against "Wheelie Mark" and Zoren and a bicycle dancer from Vancouver. It was necessary to really step it up, do some passing, and not hold back. My game came back as it had left me from my summer off, and I was really knocking 'em in, making at least 4, with Tori and Joe moving the ball around great.
The final point went in when I shot one from the left angle, and Tori pushed it in with her mallet. We ended that game 5-0 as it turned out.
Many more games went off, with spectacular wrecks, and kids soaking up puddles with the clothing on their backs. (Click on this photo of "Wheelie Mark " to make it huge. You can see where the malllet hit him in the face full on.)
Our second game went down to the wire. I was less focused on passing in that game sadly, and started focusing on shooting, and taking out the Mess Man. He even tacoed a wheel in retaliation towards me, which I thought was very funny. After taking him out a couple of times, he started applying his patented grab the handlebars move on me.
His mallet went into my glasses full force, which in turn went into my face and eyes. Much pain ensued, and I had to keep playing with moisture streaming from my eye, without my bent glasses.
I re-engaged, and made some good passes to Joe and Tori, who brought the score to 4-4. We never came back and made the final score, which put us out of the tourney,
but free to watch the final three take to the court.
These games were longer than expected, as it was a final three because a team showed up late from Vancouver, and were allowed in part way through the match.
It came down to dark, we were all loaded, and the Team With Nate and mess Man on it won the final game, and the sweet trophies that Ken procured. I heard that games were still going to go on at the polo house after the tournament, but I had a offer of a warm ride home in Bjorn's van, so off I went.
Up the stairs with a handful of smoked tuna from a fishing trip my dad and brother took last week.
Ahh, this is the life.

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