Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I like this chicken pic, taken at Duck Pond Winery, on the ride down to Rickreall for my 40th birthday.

This is Disco, a couple of wineries later... but on the same ride.

Jaiden on the farm, same party... He had to help Disco put up his tent.

Eric Spence, veteran, King of Leisure.......... I recall a Saturday with Spence and Shelly, that started out with Frisbee golf in St. John's.
We played two or maybe even three games, with Sandy the dog......Then moved onto darts at The Lucky Lab up there in the village. I think I had started to get a hang of the Frisbee golf, and was doing very well, winning a couple of the games we played.
Dart's, which isn't something I do much, was about the same way. I just pushed on through.

Which is exactly what was needed as we moved to "The Ship" to play pool. Pool is my game really. I should play pool all the time, and develop into playing for a living.
I was taught well by my dad. Eric also has a great pool game, so it was pretty tough.

I think next we moved onto bowling somewhere. Putting a wicked spin on the ball, and watching it head for the gutter before cutting back across to the middle is a great thing.

I don't bowl much, but once again, I have a knack for some things.... and bowling is another of them...And also once again, Eric is very good at bowling.

A full day of leisure.
I am surprised we didn't end up in the kayaks on the river.

Something is not right here....

Ted and Drew, nifty fixie handlebar ride polo.

Now, in Canada, they bow to the Queen and the Ringer....

On the street outside the Mill House one day, must have been at Booze and Fooze...

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