Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Polo, oh what a cruel mistress!

A picture like this, while blurry, says so much. I like the clashing of the mallets, while protecting the ball. The speed involved is evident in the blur, as well as the level of commitment, as shown through the angles.

A lot of my thoughts are consumed with bike polo. Well, that and skateboarding. You would think I concentrate on mt biking, flying through the trees.
But no, it is really polo and skating. That is what I think about when I go to bed at night. They are both highly addictive, adrenaline charged, bad for my body things to do. The horrific bruises are just now disappearing from the last time I went skateboarding, and a polo wreck just a week and a half ago left me flying over the handlebars, skidding across the tennis court on my chin.

I need a hypnotist, to get the thoughts of these destructive things out of my mind.
For now, some pics from Sunday polo.

Lucky picking it up.

Lucky again.

Ringer bringing it around.

Dave shoots. This shot definitely went in.


Clusterfuck, with a wreck in the middle.

Ringer about to take on Sharky.

Eric sending it home.

Chakra rocking the skirt at polo.
More Polo.


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