Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bikes, Bungees and Beer, Oh My!

Saturday morning, I felt pretty bad. The combination of Stoli rocks and Mirror Pond is hard on my melon, and mornings are the worst. I drank a big cup of coffee, and watched some skateboarding on dvd.

I wanted to race at the velodrome, and in order to do this I was going to need to work the crap out of my system. The route I chose to the track took me through the NW hills and onto Skyline. Another cup of coffee at Sylvan, (cooled by ice cubes double tiny latte) so I could slam it, and it was down the big hill and over to Alpenrose.

I had brought my shoes, my pedals, and clothes to ride on the track, and felt real good when I got there. But, I was late, and they were already a few races in.
This gave me a perfect chance to just hang out and relax.....

The racing was great, with Zac and Sharky taking first and second in the main.

We started migrating to the park near the velodrome for an after party, at about 2 in the afternoon. About six of us played some impromptu Frisbee golf , then I got into a heated game of Frisbee 500 with Kelsey, Mess Man, and Luciano. There was mid air checking, and face masking. Me need beer.

Well, that put me in the great opportunity to try out the Beer Bungee. This one was well managed by Joel Metz, and lasted longer than most do. I took one run at it, and ended up sprawled out, with my fingers and toes ( I was barefoot) dug in. This left me crawling towards the beer.
A quick note here. It is very important, when doing this "Extreme Beer Reaching", is:

In no manner do you want to fail in getting the beer.

This drove to towards it, and as before, I took a minute, thought about it, then moved in.

That last reach for the beer, and it was mine. Joy.

I have quite a few pics of this I will be downloading soon, but for now watch these. It is video but from my point and shoot, so you know, not the finest.
Dr. Doom can show you how to manage the beer bungee here.
The best part is right at the end.

And another:

Leland on the way in.

I got a whole series of pictures of Casey taunting Velo. I hope I don't have to use them to protect myself in the future.


The before and after effect of these next two doesn't show the lunge, but the result of it.

This was taken at the Thunderdome under the Burnside bridge. I really like this shot.

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