Thursday, March 06, 2008

The pointless search for the fork less tarnished

It came to me that a new fork was really the thing for the Fat Chance. I can't get one right now, but in a few months maybe.

I ended up on the White industries webpage, where I found some sweet carbon 29er' forks. Really nice, but no 1 inch steerer tubes.

I have been thinking of turning the Fat Chance into a 69'er. It really boils down to finding the right fork. I have a Kenesis 700c cyclo cross fork somewhere. I just don't know if it it will be wide enough for the knobby. I have been running a 1.9 in the rear due to the narrow chainstays, and not to mentioned the fact that they are shortened.

I then decided to go back and look for forks from certain bicycles of the same period.
It didn't take long before I was looking at forks from Bridgestone MB1's. There was of course the strange, double crown version. And the other fork used was the Ritchey Super Logic.

So I turn my head to the left, and look at my bike, and what do I see? A Ritchey Super Logic. Isn't that a bitch? I turns out that the fork I bought on a $25 dollar Cannondale mt bike is exactly the fork I should be running on this bike. It actually had weeds growing around the fork when I got it.

Of course I have long understood the quality of this item. I recognized it when I saw the bike in the weeds. And it was strange to have the internet remind me of just that fact.

I of course would love to have a Fat One fork, or a Tange Switchblade. Bontrager also has a decent looking for out there.

As for the 69'er fork? It will come to pass, and this could be the finest hour yet of the Ole Fat Chance. It will pop the geometry up just a bit, and put more momentum up front.


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