Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pump Track Update...

I have now successfully marked out the whole yard with dirt for the Pump Track.

While I have actually dug out more than half of the features, I still have 8 pump bumps and 2 full radius berms to build.

I am going to bring in some dirt for the berms I am certain, which is going to slow down the whole shaping process by weeks. Unless I get lucky and find someone to drop off dirt.

I am sitting here listening to "The Good Life".

Well it is Pandora, so I am sometimes listening to the Good Life.

the sun is out on a supposed to be rainy Wed., so I am going back out to the yard to dig.

Hoping to ride it on Saturday, if anyone wants to come out...

Fresh pics after lunch...

This is a 3 way split pump bump. There is an inside line with a little jump right next to the tree that runs out through a berm. A line down the middle which will have a double jump or tabletop, and a line to the right which will be fast and flowy, but rolling out right next to the fence.
The below few show the next section, with another three way possibility. the main line is over the top to the right, which will throw you around a downhill full sweeper berm. there is also a line down the middle that will jump you into a fast and furious short berm, and straight into a little booter right next to the fruit tree. There is also a change over to run the berm backwards here.

This next section is right after the big sweeper berm. this is going to pump you up a little rise and back inot the three way change over.

This looks like it could turn into a fun but dangerous section, as you flow the berm up against the tree, but at the end of it there is a pump that kicks you from one axis to another, then right into a pump bump.

Here the trail flows together with a jump into the next pump from the little downhill.

8 Pump bumps flow along this 125 foot section of fenceline, ending in another full sweeper berm bringing you right back around to the swingset again.


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