Monday, March 08, 2010

Pump Track Update: Second week of digging

I have continued work on my backyard pump track, even through the rain. The work paid off though, as the sun stayed around, and I got to dial in some sections.
 For starters I added about 6 more pumps along the fence. This brings the total number of pump bumps along the fence line to 14.

 At the end of all these bumps is going to be one big sweeper berm around a Cherry tree.

 When done, it will be a twelve bump run to a slingshot berm, with a 16 or 17 pump run back  to another big berm.  This berm flows around another Cherry tree, and will roll slightly downhill. then back up hill over two pump bumps.

 The berms are 22 foot radius, and should be more than hip high when done. I know they are going to be damn fast.

 I have started doing runs at speed on the bumps, and have ended up smashing into the fence where the berm will whip you around. This tells me most of the spacing is right, and that I need to build the berm tall to keep the rider inside of it.  

 Some pump tracks, Ok, I will call it most, have small berms for many reasons. 
Lack of dirt is one, but I feel the real culprit is the lack of speed.

 If you don't have the proper flow, the berm will not be ridden high anyway. 

 I was also messing around with my trusty 11 foot length of twine, and found a way to make a mini loop. It seems when the whole track is laid out right, as in measured out, it just fits.

 I now have put in a three way interchange, which may be only doable two ways each direction. Also there are a few random spots where you can make a directional change, or switch to another line in the same direction.

I have also been saving a line for when I get the track complete. If the speed works out like I think it will, I will have two different jump lines by the big Fir tree.

Variety is the spice of life, isn't it?

 Also the new mini loop. A 5 foot gap between pump bumps fell within the constant radius of the berm near it. I filled this space with a berm section taller than the pump bumps on either side of it. Then I backfilled along the fence to make like a low dirt wall ride/ berm? over a pump bump.


Before I started committing to the berm and fence reality, it didn't seem like it was going to work out. Once I got my head past that, it became a faster, ridable line. 
I got it pretty much right the first try. The fact that there are pumps there changes the line a little, as there are two  small gaps in the berm where the pump lines run through. 

 The line is to jump sideways  into the berm, then turn it fast and hold it steady. You whip around a bush that brushes your knuckles, then against the fence, then over the pump. 

 I have made the mini loop happen, though it was wet and not flowy yet.

 The following are random pics of the yard. So far I am the only one to ride it.

 Sure that won't last long.....


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