Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mud Bowl 2007

I could hear nothing but rain upon waking up today. This did not seem to be a good sign, depending on how you looked at it.
Considering I was going to be some sort of dirty by the end of the day, it was really down to how dirty...
The noise outside made it seem like "very dirty" was going to be the answer.
I hadn't even looked outside yet, when Bjorn came around the corner. A ride in the van now secured, we were off to the park.
There were a handful of people when we got there, but Ringer was one of them and he brought the bikes, and some vodka.
Lucky soon showed up with a score of $2.77 on Miller 6 pack tall boys, but it was quickly discussed that the price reflected the strike, and, should we be drinking it or not?

The heads started rolling in, and the rain stopped. Instead of being the swampy mire it usually is, the field was grassy and dry, and didn't get muddy until after a couple of games.
Ringer became indisposed, and got a ride home early, but not before playing one hell of a first game.
Kerrie from SF was there, and a member of the City Bikes crew. Luckie's brother James from the east.......General Disarray brought a thermos full of courage

The field got really slippery part way through the afternoon, and just staying on your bike became a challenge. But we prevailed with some great scoring, until darkness came.

We were back on our home turf, and the lights were coming on in the tennis court, so we moved the debacle over.

By this time my front wheel was missing 8 spokes, and my brakes had some sort of grass mud mixture wound throughout.
My body was still fairly clean, and I never really had a good crash.
The tennis court was rolling fast, even with my messed up front wheel, and we had some great games.
All in all I must brand "Mud Bowl 2007" a success.
I took many pics, as you will see...
If you click on a pic, it gets really big.......


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