Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another Alleycat, Gone Wrong....

A lot has gone on since my Mac died..... Too much.
I have it back,as it was in service for a week, and seems to be fading fast.
Probably should get a back up desktop tower or something.
Anybody have a Mac Mini just collecting dust?
(Me and Chaz)

A couple of Thursdays ago, I raced another one Slackjaw's (Drew's) Alleycats. A good group of kids showed up. I doubt there was anyone over 28 that raced. Maybe even younger....Oh, besides me.

It went off from Berbati's, in the standard "Slackjaw" fashion of loud and confusing.
off we went, on what was basically a long loop around town, once again including the routing through my favorite, "The Ho Chi Min Trail".


There were like 13 stops, and two pickups. The stops once again consisted of writing a word off of a sticker, and the pick ups were either some stupid rolled cardboard Slackjaw made, or a can of beer. A nice blowed up version of the manifest will be displayed here, for you all to enjoy.

One of the beautiful parts of this, was Slackjaw's spelling errors. While I fully admit that I am not always the best editor ( I don't even want to edit my stuff, cause i ruin it. Others have offered to edit for e, and I should let them.)

But, Slackjaw's spelling made me feel less like I was racing an alleycat, and more like I was coaching a Special Olympics team.
Not only was the manifest wonky, but the spelling of the clues was more than I could handle, leaving me rolling away from most of them laughing.

Barney ended up finishing first, but didn't put his name on the manifest, and was DQ'ed. I came in second, missing one clue, which Brian drunkenly put on the opposite side of the street from the address.

This left Adam in first place, possibly Chaz in second, Dan in third, and me in fourth.

Tiah was the first and only woman, which is great all in it's own. She is in surgery I think right now for a broken arm she got falling over last night. I will be going to the hospital by the time she is waking up.

The party was at the Mill St. house Annex, up at 7Th. After a steak and a beer, some of us rolled off to Sara's going away party. She was headed off to Japan the next morning, and as she had ridden down to Rickreal for my 40Th birthday, I wanted to make sure I showed up.

And did I ever make a presence. At one point, in one hand, was a cup of warm Sake, and a beer. In the other hand was a glass of wine (Merlot). In between my thighs was a flask of Vodka, and someone, who was very funny, in front of me, was handing me a flask of whiskey.

Needless to say I slept on the couch. it has been quite a while since i have not been able to make it home from a party, so I guess it was due.

I have so much more to get out of my head. If you are even remotely interested in the magical wonders that Portland, Oregon has to offer, you should check back quick.
Like tomorrow.

Tonight is bike polo, and I barely survived Sunday polo. I had my fastest polo wreck yet, my handlebar having clipped one of the poles at what , on the tennis court, would be considered full speed.

Coming up?

Polo pics, waterfall pics, update on Tiah, words of wisdom (or stupidity), dog's and cat's living together, and a little gem of a story from the vault....

Bringing it 'round the turkey, and into your living room,
Dabby McCrashalot

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Dear Dabby,
It's been 15 days since your last post, aren't you afraid you might lose some of your vast international audience?