Saturday, January 19, 2008


The picture quality isn't so good on these first couple of shots, but the content is priceless.

I was preparing to leave the house to ride on Thursday around noon, and part way through dressing the snow started. By the time I was ready to go it was really coming down, and I had to add layers.

I headed out down the country road, big white flakes falling in front of me, "Mates of State" playing on my IPOD. There is not much I like more than riding through the country in the snow, no matter how cold it is.

After a few short miles, the snow tapered off, leaving me rolling through the crisp air.

As I passed along NE 99th St., I looked for a familiar site. There is a great blue heron that for years has appeared to live in one big field, so I tend to look for him.

Instead of just seeing the heron, I saw the scene below. I willl relay the content as the pic quality is bad (sorry)

The one pic shows a Snowy Egret (which I have never seen in that field before) with a coyote hunting about 20 feet away. To boot, my old friend the Heron was about 50 yards away, watching with interest it seemed.

This next one is of my niece Lilly Grace, and my nephew Jaxon at Christmas.

These were taken on a hike in Vancouver on the Tarbell Trail. This section is the logged out piece that is actually the finest riding on the whole trail. Due to the logging, it is not so accessible. And due to ignorance, people were riding their four wheeler's on the closed trail, ruining it for years to come. I did have the opportunity that day to run into the four wheelers and give them a piece of my mind though.

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