Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tougher in Alaska

It came across the messenger wire today that Kirk, a bike messenger from Alaska, is going to be on a TV show called "Tougher in Alaska". I have seen the ads for it, looks good.

Here is the nice, self humbling note from him about it:

Along with getting married I spent a good chunk of
last month dealing with an outfit called "Moore
Huntley Productions" they do stuff for the History
Channel. I'm not sure if I'll be on the show it's self
or just a web feature. The show is called "Tougher in
Alaska" here's the description I got from the producer
I dealt with.
"Everything is tougher in Alaska. From the way people
earn a living, to how they bury their dead, making a
go in the far north requires the ability to adapt to
extreme conditions. The series focuses on the way in
which life in Alaska is harder than anywhere else and
explores what it takes to survive there. In a land
where severe weather, vast distances and rugged
terrain shape everything about life, man has a long
history of trying to overcome adversity, conquer the
land, and adapt to or simply survive the extreme
It should air sometime in March. Just for the record I
can think of a bunch of places where being a bike
messenger is tougher then Anchorage.
Kirk in AK.

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