Sunday, October 05, 2008

Alpenrose Cyclo Cross

I went to the Alpenrose CycloCross race today. I made the mistake of not racing. The weather turned out to be my favorite type to race in. Grey, gross, kinda cold, and dammed rainy. For some reason I excel when others are miserable. This has been proven in races past.

I did manage to snap a bunch of pictures. I have been using the same camera for a solid two years + now. It is a Sony DSCT-9.
Considering where it has been, what I have put it through, and the huge amount of pictures I have taken with it, it deserves a break.

So it appears to be giving itself one, by taking lesser quality shots now. This is not me complaining, as it is a fine piece of electronics, and I would buy another one in a heartbeat. But it is time to move on to a new camera somehow, and a DSLR at that.

If Sony would just send me a nice one, maybe for product review, that would be great......

Here are the pics. I apologize once more for the lower quality of some of them. Not to mention the fact that everything was getting fogged up by the weather.

This first one happens to be my favorite. I have heard a number of times that good ole Joel Metz was coming out of the woodwork and racing cyclocross again, after an 8 year hiatus. If only that bike would get painted and built he says.
Well, here it is......... What a sweet shot!

Drew on the run up.

The run up this year was considerably mellower than when I have raced at Alpenrose. My first time racing there was Single Speed on my polo bike (rear brake only) Of course it didn't hurt that that Polo bike was custom made by 3D in Durango, Co. for a great Mt. Biker. (no, I am not talking about myself, I think his name is Pat Bauer)

I placed like 9th or 10th that year, with Dr. Doom and Molly taking 1st and 2nd.

Dan "Chevil" on the run-up.

"Mustache" Milkshake on the run-up.

Too late to keep uploading, so I am going to download my body into the recliner and cease functioning much. The rest of the pics from Alpenrose, and many more from the Rickreall Rampage, will be up tomorrow.



Old Nevermore said...

Looks like we were positioned on the same stretch of dirt. I got a good one of Joel here:

Anonymous said...

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