Tuesday, October 24, 2006

And the rain, rain, rain, came down, down, down, and Dabby started bailing...

Here I sit, on a rainy tuesday. The weekend seems to have gone on forever. It started out after working late on friday, I went to the Ringer's house. This turned into an adventurous, project filled evening, as the Ringer and I have issues with projects.
It turns out he has issues with more than that, for a professed love of stripping tape off a roll was discovered. I also noticed that he took his time, and prolonged the taping process, obviously for his own pleasure......
We lit up the foyer at the Polo House, after I accidentally mentioned how dark it was in there. Then we lit ourselves up with some beers, that Ringer professed were not his......Oh well, we replaced 'em.
Saturday I got up, and rolled into town to CCC, scouting for shiny Italian parts. Luckily there were none, but if anyone wants a 27.0 Thompson, it is in the case. About this time the Ringer called, so we met at the Fuel Cafe, which is nice.
I had a triple latte, and a bagel with butter and cream cheese. Eventually Steve called and said we weren't working anyway, ' 'cause the doors to the school were locked.
The Ringer had this brilliant idea to go clean out the basement. The only bummer for me was the fact that it wasn't either:
My house.
My crap.
Or fun.
I settled in and helped organize about a third of it. I didn't even understand where Ringer was trying to go with it, so I started in on the Polo bikes, deeply in need of repair. Then onto mallets. Beautiful mallets...
Of course, not long after the mallets were made, Eric Spence called up with another one of his good ideas: Frisbee Golf in Peir Park.
We rolled out to St. John's, well, anyway, Divebomb and I did. The 5 of us played a long game of Disc Golf. Watch out for Ryan's crazy throwing form. I thought he was trying to shake a spider out of his shorts. After that, we rolled out to Beefa's house for celebration barbecue of some sort. It was very good, we ate too much food. maggie made some slow roasted pork that was great. I cooked some trout on the barbecue, yes, the same barbecue that Steve burned the deck with that night. Ryan brought a big, and I mean big, bag of oysters that were tasty.
On the way home, I went to Royal Thai on Ne 68th and Sandy. I looked over the menu, but knew full well what I was going to order.
A big scoop of Coconut ice cream, on top of sweetened, sticky rice. It is a great way to end your evening.
And the worst way to start your morning is to hear " Well, you better get out of bed, cause we are on the way to your house"
I had been explaining how my chest still hurt too much to go mt. biking, when I was cut off with that statement. Does not make for a good start to the morning, to say the least.
We went to Scappoose again. I guess it is the best, closest spot, all in all a good choice. The four of us, Ryan, Beefa, Cowboy and I, rolled off down the trails. Scappoose is very fun, once you figure your way around. It appears I am the only one who really has it figures out between us, ( having put in the time with the maps, and google earth, learning the terrain) which put's me in the fun zone of riding in front, but the terror zone of having Cowboy behind me.
We rode for a couple of hours, with , once again, some great wrecks, some fast descents,and the ver funny running commentary from Cowboy. The time came when stove's coach was going to turn back into a pumpkin, so we turned around for the car.
After dropping him off, it was straight to bike polo, to fill out the rest of the afternoon with refreshments and more biking.
There was a good crowd, new mallets, and some fixed bikes of course, so all was great.

I must have played 6 games, and scored some points. Beefa showed up with Sophia and Maggie, Cowboy and C Murder hung out, hell, even Mary Lou showed up.
I ended up at my house in the middle of the evening, just in time for a nap, then onto a hot date......
Life is good.

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You got any tape I can borrow? I love tape...