Monday, October 16, 2006

There's got to be a morning after..

It turns out that after my last post, I did go out on the bike again. This time I got on my fixed gear, and went up the hill (6 blocks) to Vien Hong, at about 68th and Sandy. We had the spring rolls, which were good, but light on flavor, and heavy on cabbage. I pride myself on making great spring rolls, so I am hyper-critical of them. I then had the Cashew Chicken, which was very good. My friend had the Pad Thai, which I thought was good too. The service was great, and the tea was served in a little press pot, which helps if you like to steep more than normal.
After the dinner, I went over to the Hungry Tiger, for the "Midnight Mystery Ride". I have been on a few of these, and sometimes they are even fun.
It turns out about 170 cyclists showed up, and as I got there right before midnight, it was a while before I got a refreshment.
We did a little rolling around, here and there, eventuallly cruising through the Rose City cemetery. Here waited Elvis himself, with some scary stories, if you were near enough to hear.
A keg was tapped, and so was I by 3:00, when I found myself leaving the cemetery.
The next morning I went to Jim and Pattie's for coffee, sat for quite a while, relaxing.
About the time I got home, Disco called me to say he had something like 17 bottles of wine at his house, and how come I was not there yet?
Needless to say, I rolled right on over. There was good food, good times, and even the El Chupa Cowboy showed up......
I left after 7 hours of barbequing, rolled home and into bed.
Early the next morning, as I began getting ready to go mountain biking, I realized had limited mobility in my right chest area. I decided not to go, and called Ryan to let him know.
He wasn't out of bed yet, and I wondered why.
Then I heard the rain outside, and knew why Ryan was still in bed.
He apparently wasn't going riding in the rain either...

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