Wednesday, February 14, 2007

On the Rocks, With a Twist?

So much happened this weekend.... Too much really... And I realistically missed half of it.
I made my chili. The time line I laid out the other day? Well, that is a whole other story.....
I started my chili right after coming home from the store.
The butcher at Safeway near my house, pulled out a leg of lamb for me. he said it was the nicest one they had, and then he actually cut it in more than half for me, so I could save finances.
I consider this great customer service. Instead of getting me a lesser cut, he sacrificed a beautiful piece of meat for me, and gave me a great price.
I brought it home, laid it on the cutting board, and started to take it apart.
It made me so happy, that the chili almost made itself.
In and out of pans, in and out of the crock pot. it was magic...
And then came 1:00AM.
I made a decision to ride into town, and go out. To the Nest.
Crockpot on low, gears on high, I flew across town.
A beer at the nest led to beers at a house down the street, which then led to bowling on the Nintendo Wii.
This was my first Wii experience, and I loved it. I won the bowling. Then we switched to the boxing, which I again won. (generally I suck at video games)
Too many beers, and realizing it was getting light outside, I crashed at a near by friends house.
I think the moment was around 11:00, when I remembered my chili was still in the crock pot at home.
I jumped up, and called Bjorn to turn it off for me, then fell back asleep, with a horrible hangover.
About 2PM, I got up and headed home. I was already going to miss the Lady Of Havoc Drag race, but felt so horrible that I would not have had fun anyway.
Racing home, i worried about my chili quite a bit.
I also worried about my ability to shake off my headache, turn it around and make it to Dee's house by around 4.

Upon arriving home, I was under the impression that my chili was ruined, as I had to taste it cold.
No matter, I threw it in a big zip lock, threw that in a stuff sack, and rolled back across town.
Dee did not tell too many people about the cook off, so it was really my chili against his, which, if I may tell you, puts me in a bad position.
Dee makes a proven competition winning chili.
I made a chili most people have never heard of, with a recipe I made up along the way. We had pretty much equal amounts of chili on the stove.
The winner was not really chosen, but get this:
When Ken, and a few others showed up late. When they went to try the chili's , there was some left in Dee's pot, but mine was all gone...
This I deem a success, and is all I needed to see, as much as I could from my position under a blanket on the couch.
As you may imagine, I went home Sat. night, and did not leave again until Monday morning. I went out for a early training ride before going into town.
It was a good day downtown, and the afternoon was filled with revelry, since there were people here from Seattle, and S.F.
After happy hour, we went over to Booze and Fooze. The normal hooligans were there, and Brady convinced me to go out to the river in Milwaukee, to have a little Old Crow.
We hammered out to River Road, had a snort on the rocks.

After walking through mud, and water, we rolled to Oaks Park, for another snort.
Strangely, we made it about 2 miles before pulling into Oaks Bottom for one more.
This is Brady we are talking about. The sun in his solar system is A Foster's Lager can after all.

We then flew down the esplanade into town, back to Booze and Fooze, where I lasted about another hour before riding home.
I got up early Tuesday morning, flew into downtown for "Breakfast on the Bridges" on St. Velotine's Day. Coffee and donuts later, I was off on another training ride, before a full day in the core.
Later, a group of us watched the Blazer Game at the XV, then I went off to SE to hang with other friends.
I left the house at 6 something in the morning, and got home around midnight.
What a day!

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