Monday, February 05, 2007

Weeks in Review

It has been a little while since my last post, but there have been a few going's on's around here........
A small group of us rolled down to Rickreal for poker night two weeks ago. it was Ryan, and Jaiden, Eric, Magnum, and I.
As the pictures show, Eric brought Guitar hero, a Playstation game that is basically air guitar. Who would have thought that Magnum would become addicted to it? A number of hours were put into playing it, with a few rocking photos coming out of it.
We moved, or dragged, Eric away from guitar hero to play speed Scrabble. My
recollection is a little hazy, but I am quite sure I dominated them. Ryan won one game also, got frustrated, and suggested we move outside for the sunset.
Judge for yourself with this pic
I took, but the sunset was fabulous, and through the newly mangled tree, it turned into a great shot.
We moved on to playing poker, and what a game it was. Many ups and down, with Eric, and possibly Magnum, running out of money entirely.
This may have been planned, as they ran directly back to the guitar hero game
after losing.

Ryan had cooked pulled pork, so we feasted on that for a while...
All in all a great trip to the Mud Branch Farm!
Tuesday after that, we played poker again at the house Magnum shares with Dee and Ann. This is now our regular Tuesday night game, and always turns out to be a good time.

Wed was of course Bike Polo, outside the Polo House in the cul-de-sac. it is a very small, or "sport" court, with dangerous curbs and the like, but generally produces good games. I can't wait for the season change, so we can go back to Wed. night's in the park.
Friday night, Operation Fabulous and I went to my sister's latest musical, "Bark", downtown at 15th and Morrison.

It was very good, as I knew it would be. The musical consists of 6 actors and actresses, dealing with dog related issues such as sniffing butts, waiting for the owners to come, etc.
I highly recommend seeing it. (This pic is Brady's "Solar System" he set up in his room!)

We wandered across the street to the "Driftwood Room, at the Mallory Hotel, one of my old jobs, and haunts. This is where my sister goes after shows, for good reason.
A few drinks, some excellent crab cakes, and a terrific elevator ride later, and if was off for a good nights sleep.

I didn't make it on the "Death March" that happened that weekend, and have continued getting crap for it. Although as the stories go, it was more TV watching than Death Marching...
Sunday was Bike Polo in Alberta Park again. A very nice, but very cold day turned into a nightmare for me when I T Boned the Ringer, catching my fingers between our
handlebars. the pics say it all, and a week later I still have great pain from it.
This greatly slowed down the rest of my week, and I was slightly anti social, until Saturday Night, when I stayed too late into the morning at Chakra's B-day party at the "Princess Palace".
Fun was had by all, and for some too much. I got home around 4 am, and slept 5 hours before finding myself wide awake, waiting to go bar-b-que at Lahar's house for the Super Bowl, which was very interesting.
I also got the chance to see Spence's sailboat, "Coconut's".
It looks fun, and I look forward to duct taping Beefa to the mast in the near future.
That is about all I have for you today, so get the hell off the computer and out of the house, as it is a very nice day again today..

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Anonymous said...

dude, you've got yo do a better job with the title of your pictures. and what order they are in. a guy is cleaning a pistol and the next is a bloodied hand. what, who, when and where? did i miss something?