Thursday, February 15, 2007


This is a missed connections post I put on Craigslist last week.
After the 5 Week Cash Money Alleycat series, my trophy was stolen out of my roomates van.
So I wrote and posted this.
Due to the way I wrote it, I received letters from people calling me names, and ladies telling me I was delusional, and she desreved to be stolen away, blah, blah, blah......
I knew this was going to happen. I also knew that a select few people would read it, and would get it. This is who I wrote it for, so now I share it here.....


It was 5 weeks in the making.
I had heard about you from others. I kept showing up
every week, just to catch a glimpse of you.....
I spent my money, put in the hard work. It was not
Gale force winds. Rain. Impossible tasks, and during
these said tasks, police to evade.
Do you even realize what I put myself through to make
you mine?
Not only physical, but mental anguish.
It was bad enough to have all the competition for you
(and there was a lot) be half my age. Do you even know
what that does to a man?
I had to give it more than my 110 percent, every week.
I had to prepare myself daily for the time when we
would meet, and, for the moment, when, I knew you
would be mine.
Finally, that moment came.
I had a blind date with a chancer later that same
night. Strong willed, fun, and beautiful, I was
anticipating all evening our meeting.
But before that, I gave my all to make you mine.
Pulled out all the stops.
I did exactly what I had to, to ensure that you would
be going home with me.
No matter how my blind date went, I had to know
whether you and I fit.
There were so many others around. It was very smoky,
and everyone was kinda loaded.
Yet, when you came in the door, I knew it was you. And
I knew you were mine.
I think it was pretty much obvious to everyone there.
They all wanted you too. I could see it in their eyes.
Guys and girls alike, they all thought you were the
"Bell of the Ball".

Two hours later, you were mine. All were jealous, of
me, because I had you.

I sent you home in a car with a friend. I felt you
were safe, going to make it home fine. I put my trust
in my friend to take care of something I wanted so
It was right about when I left you in the van, that my
blind date showed up.
A vision of beauty, and smarts, with a smile that
could melt a glacier.
Once again, I became smitten. I revealed too much
about myself. I was charming without trying.
Our evening went on and on, into the late night. When
I left to ride home, she convinced me to just sleep on
the couch. (It was like 18 degrees outside)
The next day, I heard that you dissapeared in the
night, stolen away by another not so deserving as I.
Another that wanted you so badly, no amount of morals
Thoughts of you consumed me.
While my blind date turned into a regular thing
(happily), she and I spoke of you, and I confessed my
worry. Worry as to what could have come of you, and
whether another was giving you the attention you

I saw you on Saturday afternoon.
You looked happy.
Tall, and Statuesque. Shining brightly, with your
homemade looks. even my friends told me how great you
looked, how my glory shown through you, overshadowing
I had to leave you behind once again, and this causes
me to feel a great sense of worry.
Will you be mine?
Will our destiny be fulfilled?
Only time will tell.
But, I leave you knowing this.
Whoever you are with. Wherever you are.
You will always be mine.

Will we grow old together, happy as clams?
Only time will tell

* Location: A Shady Lane.....

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