Friday, May 11, 2007

Fox Thursday,

Thursday evening, in May. Let's just go ahead and say the 10th.

My foot is up on a pillow, it is sunny outside, and I am bored.....Horribly.

I have a corkboard here by my computer. Flyer's, spoke cards, old events, new events......sticker's, you know, I keep everything......

In the middle of this chaos, about a foot to the right of my head, was a flyer for the "Fox Thursday" race, a self proclaimed test of brawn, brains, and mad skillz........Starting at 6:30.

It is 5:35, so I wrap up my foot and head out the door. It is downhill pretty much from my house to Backspace, where the race is starting, so I ride my oldest road bike.

I had spent the afternoon cleaning the drivetrain. It was ridden mainly uncleaned, for the last 10 years or more (not by me).... A little scrubbing and it ran like new, so I was buzzing along with my foot in the boot (stupid air cast thing...).

Down Vancouver Avenue into town. Over to Backspace, where groups of youngsters sat around, a couple I knew. People quickly started coming out of the woodwork, and Fox showed up, and registered the 20 racers.

Permission slips were verified, and a note from your mom truned out to be good enough for entry, "cause after a hectic explanation of rules, and how to dcifer Fox's crazy manifest system, they were off.

It was Jerry's birthday, so he got a flat before he even got out of the parking lot. Chaz took out another wheel a block down the street with his pedal. This left 18 racers, and us at Backspace waiting.

I heard a sticker was hidden under the Hawthorne bridge, where a two bike , head on colission between two pretendenger's was witnessed.

After there and two more stops, they came back to Backspace to play a video game for three minutes. Then off to Front Avenue under the broadway bridge, where I heard they were going to be doing some stairclimbing.

Someone, Chaz, put duct tape over one of the clues, resulting in a volley of phone calls to Fox, and Chaz possibly hiding inan alley in SE....

There was a stop at Col. Summer's park, where a mirriad of events went on... There was play the random guy at basketball, either one on one or a game of PIG.
I heard you had to track stand in front of this cute girl reading a book and hit on her at the same time (this stop was organized by two ladies by the way), and I heard the girl got up and left...kinda sad...

There was frisbee, and something involving inflatable whales, which I would really rather not hear about.

Gideon was ousted from his stop by the cops for drinking beer, so he left a note and went to the end of the race, which was Fox's house.

I rolled over to the end, since it was mere blocks from my house, and waited.

And waited. Then waited some more.

Before the first person showed up......... It was Anne, but she hadn't done enough of the bonuses to take out Gary and his friend, who worked together to take frst and second place. i got her name wrong but close last night, and I will get it wrong again, so I am not going to try. it starts with an A though....

We had made it a rule that if you didn't put your name on your manifest, I got their points.....And Gary did not put his name on his manifest.........

I gave him a hard time about it for a while, but, after all he did win it, so I reversed it, and he picked a Bike Coozy hand knitted by Maggie.

I know that Chaz, and Nerf did well too, probably third and fourth. Everyone got a prize, and I even got a tshirt.

There were belts made from tires, I think Adam from Transerv made them.. Dvd's, socks, (Sox on Fox) And a hip bag made by Lucky......

I was out too late, smelled like smoke, and took a long shower when I got home..........

Tommorrow it is off to Rickreal for the NACCC Ride Out.... I can't ride, so I am the only one driving down... Should be fun, and make for some interesting pics....

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