Thursday, May 03, 2007

Portland's Flat Track Fixed Gear Series

Wed. evening, a group of us braved the threat of extreme weather ( we had everything from marble sized hail, to rain, lightning and thunder, to very nice sunshine) to meet at the Fresh Pot on N. Mississippi for Chevil's "Flat Track Fixed Gear Series".

Since the weather was bad, about 13 or 14 people showed up for this the first of many weeks to come. We rode together (I, with my crutches in tow) to Overlook Park, where we set up some cones and beer cans in a relatively straightforward oval.

Fixed gear bikes were the only bikes allowed, and a redundant brake was outlawed. if you had one on your bike you had to render it useless,as in dismantle the 'mother.

Four at a time the first races went off. Three laps around, with one winner each heat. The races started off fast and smooth, as three laps at full speed was not too much to handle.

The grass was wet and slick as shit, but the speeds gradually increased as people got used to it.

The second set of heats were run in a figure 8 format, and at 5 laps each. This was a little more taxing on the racers, and we began to see a little distance between many of them.

After a couple sets of these, we broke for refreshments, and to celebrate the birthday of El Dupe (R. Kelly).

It was then on to another format, called the "Miss and Out". This involves the last person in each lap being pulled from contention, which boils it down to two in the long run.

These were done everyone at once, which made for 12 to 13 laps a race, and were first run in the standard oval, then run again in the figure 8.

So much fun was had, that a few more impromptu races were thrown right before dark.

The next in the series is Wed. may 16Th, 7:00pm at Amnesia on N. Mississippi.
We will be group riding to another secret location, so show up on time, or get the number of someone that will show up on time, so you can find us........

We also talked about throwing a couple during Sunday Polo in Alberta Park.

Check the portland messenger website in the near future for changes and or updates......

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