Friday, May 25, 2007

I have been very , very busy here in town, and not updating my posts.

This having been said, and obvious, we can move on.

The word is that Brady was sighted in Northern California, outside of Eureka. Not by anyone we know, but by random people in towns. I heard Fox was there, and was told that Brady had already ridden through.

So, instead of being lost in some manner like was thought, he has been ahead of the PDX to SF NACCC Ride Out 2007.
This is one of the scenario's I had thought of, in regards to what had happened to Brady. They say one the first night, he rolled 20 miles farther than everyone else, and camped alone. Then was never caught up to again.

We had a great weekend on the Mt. Friday night in Hood River at Mace's house, then the ride out to Lolo Pass, on the west side.

Once again, I was driving the sag wagon, not being allowed to ride much yet. I had great timing, coming up on them at the steepest part of the climb, again with cold beers. we hung out for a few minutes, the decided to meet at the top of Lolo Pass, which is actually on the shoulder of Cathedral Ridge.

This would have been a very nice area to relax for a while, before the ten mile downhill to Welche's and Mace's cabin, our final destination.

I drove on ahead, and there was a sign that said "Road Closed". So, of course I drove up the road, to see what was going on.

A large landslide was blocking it, something the Audi would not be crossing today. After taking a few pics, I drove back down the hill to show them what was ahead. It would be possible for them to carry their bikes over it and continue on, but I was going to have to find another way.

I went down the hill aways to road 1810, and turned to cross the river. Up and over the hill I would go to the other side of Lolo Pass. it is after all a German car basically designed to go right where I was, so why not?

Right near the top of the fireroad, there was another landslide. Though much smaller, it would take a lifted truck to make it, so I turned around again.

Down to the main road, which was nothing more than barely one lane. I drove lower, and up the next road, #16.
All the way across a lower shoulder of Mt. Hood, and over to cross the Hood River at Parkdale. I actually had to drive under a couple of trees, one of which was barely high enough, as I could have grabbed it through the sunroof.

It was a long little road, and took me directly to the footings of the bridge. I say the footings, because it was all that was left of the bridge. having been foiled for the third time, i was not giving up, and turned right down a firelane that ran along the river. the gate was open at my end, but after 20 minutes, I came across a locked one, right before another bridge across the river.

Even though I had a better map, I just contined using this lackluster one they gave me at a gas station. I turned right off the river road, and into the hills, using the reference of the hill I had already crossed to the left, i wound my way across on a selection of dirt roads. After about an hour used up to cross back over to the original one lane Lolo Pass road, I hit the pedal to the metal as it may be, and found the Hood River Highway.

I got back to the cabin a full two hours after they did on their bike ride.

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