Friday, July 04, 2008

Killer Combine in Rickreall. Is it safe even at Mud branch Farm?

I am planning on riding my bike on down to Rickreall today sometime. I don't know if I will take this routing for sure, but here is the general idea.

So after checking out possible routing, I did what any normal person does before doing something and I googled it.

Not such a good idea, for I am now scared to death of going.

It appears a combine with a taste for flesh is running rampant in Rickreall. This machine is blamed for a fatality 5 years ago, and had not been moved since that day.

Until yesterday, when a boy and his father were moving it to be scrapped. It sounds like the boy was riding standing up in the cab, leaning against the windshield, when the window let loose, sending the boy into the churning blades below.

Can you say possessed combine? I knew you could.

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