Monday, July 21, 2008

Lilly rides her bike for the first time.


And a mere two hours after removing the training wheels....


You can see by the shakiness of my one handed video shooting that the ground she is riding on is not very smooth at all. And my off kiester breathing technique is quite too apparent.


Anonymous said...

Nice memories, great that you were there to capture the moment. Just when I was wondering how a beginner could ride over such rough terrain without once falling, she fell...quite bravely. :)

I still remember the moment I could ride without training wheels...

My Godson is two, going on three, and I bought him a tricycle in April. It's still a long reach to the pedals for him. I look forward to the day he can take the training wheels off the bike I'm going to get him when he's a bigger boy. :)

Thanks for sharing!


Eileen said...

Wow! Go Lilly! Betsy watched this and felt some serious peer pressure. She keeps begging me to put her training wheels back on, but now she wants you to come over and teach her how to ride 2-wheels.