Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Pictures......Random Captions.

Damage to R. Kelly, and to his front wheel from a recent midnight "Ditch Style" misson.
I believe it was a combination of two different wrecks

More Water Racing...
4th of July Water race

This is Sydney, my sister's dog. She was found on the streets of Battleground. I heard my sister picked her up, put her in the car. She said she stayed with her all day, and even went to a rehearsal for a play that night. Sydney has been around ever since. You could not ask for a better dog .
Jaxon runs around the bases, even though there is no game going on.
Lilly playing guitar hero.

This little deer was hanging out on the compound.

Beefa, Sophia, Sandy, and part of Spence's head.

Pulling another one out of the cage.

Beefa and "The Littlest Beefa" enjoy some Frisbee golf in Pier Park.

Captain Spence caught "Going Coconuts"

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