Friday, February 09, 2007

It's 2:45, and I gotta start making some chili.

Seriously, I have a problem.
My pan is too small. The fridge is big enough. But the pan is too small.
Add to that the fact that I can't exactly remember everything I put in last year's chili. I wanted to make a better version of that great chili. Lamb, chocolate, spices..
It was great in of itself. Didn't need improvement.
But this isn't how my mind works.
And, to add fuel to the fire, I have to make sure my dress fits well.
30+ miles and hour on a fix gear, in a short black number, really changes things.
But, I suppose I will deal with that inn the first couple of miles of the Lady's of Havoc Drag Race, at the Vern, 2:00, Saturday...
I have some great pics from last year I will post here, in order to wet your whistle.
What is it I am supposed to be doing?
Oh, the chili.
First it is off to Safeway. Any minute now. Up the hill, and across one of the most dangerous intersections in the city, Fremont and Sandy, NE.
Plus, if you want a donut, you have to navigate it an extra time.
I digress.
Lamb. What could be better, on a Friday afternoon. The chili I plan to make is pretty much "Early Chili". This is a term I coined for the original chili, made in the far east.
I hope it is good enough, 'cause "The Mercury" "Chili Cook Off" is Saturday afternoon also.
So, check this out. My timeline from now 'till Sat.
1. Go to Safeway. Shop.
2. Start Chili. In too small of a pan.
4. Eventually move chili to the crock pot. (Then come back here and put up some old, great pics)
5. Crock pot the chili fully. Who knows, many, many hours.
6. Sometime this evening, I need to fully cool the chili. Fully.
7. Then I need to heat it back up. Fully.
8. Then I need to cool it again. Fully.
9. Depending on what time it is at that point, I may even do it again, then put it in the fridge while I sleep. This will allow the flavors to meld, everything begins congealing.
10.Wake up pretty early, no coffee, and put it back in the crock pot.
11. Go back to bed.
get up, shower, shave, work on my bike, put the chili back in the fridge.
12. At this point, I am surely going to be running behind, aiming for the Vern at 2:00, and yes, in a short black number, with slight fringe.
13. Drink a beer, then race, and Win I might add, the Drag Race.
14. Haul ass across town, probably quite a ways, dealing with routing, traffic, riddles, and that hella cold draft hitting my bare thighs.
15. Celebrate my glory, for winning, at the Vern after wards.
16. Realize it is already after 4 pm.
17. Fly home, change out of the dress.
18. Figure out how the hell I am going to get my chili over to Dee's, for a chili cookoff that has already started.
19. Haul ass from 76th and Skidmore to North Portland.
21. Heat the chili back up. I assume this will be the 5th or 6th time this occurs.
22. WIN THE CHILI COOK OFF! Yes, the word on everyones lips will be tasty.
23. Celebrate, more glory, Blah blah blah.
24. Who knows what will occur now? I will probably be eating the leftover chocolate from my chili, and have a medium range, chocolate/vodka buzz.
25. Sit in chair, probably laughing.

I know, exhausting wasn't it.... I doubt I get it done.
But, it is exactly what I am off to do.
Smell Ya' Later,


the-dolomite said...

It's not "Dee's Chili Cook Off" but "The Mercury Chili Cook Off Presented by Dee". Get it, because Norm, who owned Mercury, killed that guy with poisoned chili. Ha ha.

rolf said...

Hey Dabby, went to the ladies of havoc points alleycat and took some photos. I can't seem to contact anyone to update the PUMA site. Can you pass these links on.